A Date

What stage of American society are we on? Some people might claim we are on the lowest, and that would make sense, considering the myriad of economic and social problems in our country. But that’s something towards a more political standpoint. What I want to know is something far much simpler. Where are we in terms of romance? Judging from the typical movies and almost ways many children are brought up, we follow a rigid path. You know – the interest, date, and seeing if things progress. It’s always like that in the movies. The guy goes to a fancy restaurant with a gorgeous girl and they end up in bed. Awesome. Except that’s not reality and the old-fashioned demeanor seem, well, old.

And there’s my problem with America’s mentality towards “love.” Are we supposed to be like made up television? I mean, really, should I be the uniform-guy and start asking girls on dates? I think that’s wrong. Interest happens in the most whimsical ways, and usually that’s the best. But to constantly get to know each other through first dates? Terrible. Does a girl have to wait for a guy to make a move? Quite frankly, the expectations we have of each gender is superfluous. We are all humans with mutual feelings and I’m not making an excuse for all the low-confidence guys out there, including myself, of course. I believe it’s just a simple fact that females should know and respect. I despise the mindset of looking at the opposite gender like an enigma. The answer is actually very simple the majority of the time. Think about yourself and how you feel and there’s the solution to all the “why does he/she do this” questions.

And the entire ideology around a date is ridiculous. We are constantly on dates, with our close opposite gender friend, or even with a friend of the same sex. In the end, it’s all how we interpret things, and the point of a date is to have fun. I am not debunking the idea of a date because I think it’s overrated, but, rather, the vapid and stereotypical words people associate with dating are OUTDATED. (See what I did there?) And we look at these one-night outings in terror. Good friends clearly can’t go on dates because that would mean they have feelings for each other. NO. That is completely erroneous. How can someone even consider a date something negative if they have never tried it with another person? I just don’t understand and it’s America’s viewpoint and media that guises the truth.

Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous. Maybe I’ve seen one too many couple at the movie theater tonight. But, regardless, I think many people can agree that the association between dating and love need to be changed. I am not disapproving of dates, or dating for that matter, but rather insisting that our ideology around the word be different. But, of course, who am I to persuade other people’s thoughts and mind? I’m only someone who has never truly been on a date.


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an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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