I am currently an unmotivated mess. I do not want to do anything. I complain about the mundane happenings of everyday, yet I cannot find enough courage to take any action. My mind is filled with brilliant ideas, encased with pedantic vocabulary, yet I cannot express anything I want. I worry about petty things and major things; I tend to worry about the former more. Disappointments shroud any optimism I have. I question many things. I’m your typical teenager right now – confused and arrogant.

I despise my tendency to crave writing but never fully finish anything I type. Deep down inside,  I feel the need to be Shakespeare. Exactly what does that prove? My abilities are nothing of that sort. The futility of my decisions just keep echoing in my mind. Maybe it’s just summer vacation. Come soon, College.


About khong91493

an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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