A Short Reflection of High School

Over a week has passed since the last day of high school. Although that date technically isn’t the last day, the grades were handed in, so who cares?  High school has been an enriching experience – to say the least. I really want to say I despise Bayside High School and sometimes I do. Sometimes I can’t wait to storm out of the hallways, always crowded by tons of black girls, and scurry home for some peace. I can name many things I dislike about Bayside. Some teachers really need to be fired. The school needs to stop wasting paper on superfluous notifications. Do the janitors even clean the bathrooms? Truancy actually needs to catch the people who get high 24/7 across the park. The list goes on.

Yet, at the same time, I must say thank you. I would not be the person I am, currently, had I not gone to Bayside. As a matter of fact, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this piece right now. I would have probably gone to Stony Brook, or some other science-orientated college, to study pre-med. I am absolutely honored to have some of the most amazing teachers, whom I know I could not have met at another high school, teach me their life experiences and erudition. So, I would like to extend a quick thank you to all the teachers whom made an impact on my high school career.

Ms.Gervasi probably started everything off; she was my freshmen year English teacher. I was an absolute dunce back then. I did little to no homework and I hated paying attention during class. Thank you, Ms.Gervasi, for believing in me and encouraging me to do better. After she talked to me, I truly stepped up my work, and as a result, I am the person I am today.

Ms.Rivera, my English teacher during sophomore and senior year, started off like a nemesis. I hated going into her class. Regardless, I would like to thank Ms.Rivera for also believing in my potential and allowing me to take Mr.Weissmann’s AP English&Composition class; her honesty in grading papers is something many teachers need. She was an amazing personality. Her class discussions were truly something to remember and I would say our relationship blossomed over the course of senior year.

Which brings me to Mr.Weissmann. I never really had a talking relationship with him. I generally entered class, did my work, and exited, with the occasional chat in between periods and before/after class. However, he has probably affected my writing the most. Every essay during junior year was corrected and edited, on average, three to four time. Mr.Weissmann’s dedication allowed me to mature into a much better writer, and I have only him to thank for that. His knowledge of the English language really transpired and I do not know where I would be without him.

Ms.Williams was my amazing chemistry teacher. She was always full of happiness and joy and her classes really passed by with the same feeling. I loved talking to her throughout the three years I have known her and I probably know her the best out of all my former instructors. She is more than a teacher. She, along with Ms.Gervasi, are the two whom I talk the most to outside of class. She is a friend.

Mr.Goodman, ah, the tall old guy. He was hilarious. Ever since freshmen year, I knew I couldn’t wait to take his course in humanities, and when I did, I loved every moment of it. He knew how to joke around but also be strict. He is a loving man of education and students and his constant praises always gave me confidence. He helped me with the college process and I can never forget him.

Ms.Chu was my guidance counselor during senior year. My one regret with her, clearly, is that I only had one year to talk to her. She is a great counselor and an even better person. I could not have gone through applying for colleges without her, especially with me asking for constant favors. Her encouragement, for me to start a blog, really nurtured into something big. Thank you, Ms.Chu

I can always look back on my high school life with negativity, but what good would that do? All the past misfortunes, in the end, all lead to new experience and knowledge on how to improve future happenings. I was not the most popular person in Bayside, and I was definitely not the “cutest.” People thought I was a genius, but with my mediocre average, I can hardly fit that description. I was pretty average. I managed through high school, mostly forgetting about how I missed admission into Bronx Science by 1-2 questions, and also knowing that I do not regret not settling for Brooklyn Tech. None of the knowledge I garnered through four years in Bayside, positive or negative, can be replicated. So, for that, thank you Bayside, for not a perfect four years, but a life-changing one.


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