For you, For You, and Only You.

I want to be frank, a little blunt, a little there.

Tell the ENTIRE world, that you’re here

With me, with me, and only me, I don’t wanna share

Your entire existence too grand, not really fair

To the entire world, all female-loving creature alive

With one glimpse, a gorgeous creation, I wonder why

You don’t have a figure beside you, but then again I

Can’t complain because otherwise I can’t make you mine

But let’s be honest, just like I want to be frank, I dislike

Waiting for responses, being paranoid, and being taken for a ride

Which, I hope, I rather you not be good to me, just to stay on a friend’s side

Because, regardless, this has to be something bona-fide

My rant goes on, my heart premature, yet I wait for your reply

Two hours late, who am I kidding, I might as well say bye

Which, I did, two months ago, but He brought me back

Leading me to friends who I used to lack

So I say a prayer, trust a bit, and keep my mind intact

For you, for you, only, I keep my thoughts stacked.


About khong91493

an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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