Everyone gets these. Its the epitome of an item everyone looks forward to receiving and we love spending hours thinking of amazing comments to say to one another. We look to flatter, reminisce, and maybe even confess in our words. We all claim that everyone will “stay in contact” and “keep in touch.” The prospect of leaving something we had four years to develop is so unbearable that we look for the educators, who guided us through, to say something that reminds them of us.

Lets be honest now. I don’t know how many people I’m gonna talk to in the future. We all hope to stay in touch, but truth is, drifting apart is inevitable. Scheduling a coffee date with everyone is simply unfeasible. Even people we’ll see in College disappear. The friends we knew everyday in Math class will soon become “the guy who helped me through high school” and the girl/boy we had a crush on becomes “I don’t wanna talk about it.” We lose a lot more than we gain.

Every high school graduate should look back into his junior high school yearbook. How many people honestly kept in touch? Probably very few. But this is why we have yearbooks. We yearn to look back at the memories and laugh. Sometimes we even cry at the misfortunes. We look at the signatures and think about those silly memories in McDonald’s and the hallways. Looking back is exactly what we need to bring us to the future and improve our present; its a sad method but a necessary one at that.

This is why yearbooks are so great.


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an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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