In the futility of my feelings, I often feel jealous about a plethora of things. Sometimes I try to tell myself I’m stronger than this and that jealousy only leads someone to be paranoid, which often results in me wasting my time trying to console myself. I firmly believe jealousy is the root of many evils, including the wars that are going on today, and the widespread corruption in our Government. Things even go as far as to affecting celebrities. Why do people hate Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus? Because people are jealous of them.

Jealousy often leads to more devastating effects, such as anger. A tint of the passion of just wanting to be the person, for example in a picture, really spurs the mind to think of eradication. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just destroy the person you want to be with? Obviously, this is not a sensible, nor moral, answer to a problem. This feeling even leads to paranoia. It’s quite hard to just forget about an unpleasant snapshot and the mind can only wonder what the future might hold. What if the success continues? What if everything goes according to some impossible perfect plan? What could be is a scary thought, and quite frankly, none of us want to see any of it unfold.

I constantly try to conquer jealousy and I’m often lose the battle. There’s something mystical about negative emotions that makes it such a divine aspect of humans. I have come to the conclusion that pride blinds people from choosing the correct path.  We don’t like to submit and we hate admitting someone else is right. Watching someone take the place of one’s dream is a difficult thing to do. Essentially, one can interpret that to mean that he has not succeeded and looking for prosperity is utterly fruitless. Jealousy is incredibly hard to contain. As a matter of fact, nobody will ever be near defeating nature’s will. I just believe it’s how one mitigates the effects and remembering that the future can be changed; the present is sometimes nothing more than a mirage to meld good fortune.

Of course, I should probably take my own advice.



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an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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