Prom is overrated.

Call me a negative person.

Prom is quite possibly the most overrated single night of a high schooler’s life. Bluntly put, I honestly don’t understand why everyone makes such a big deal. By the time you’ve entered your limo, and realize you just paid a few hundred dollars for around two hours of car time, prom already begins feeling quite bland and fruitless. An average dress costs around 200$ and renting a tuxedo is around 100$; remember, renting does not mean owning. The ticket itself costs at least 100$ for most schools. Girls obviously make fifty appointments the day before, only adding to the superfluous amounts of flattery needed. Together, the costs of prom can skyrocket to at least five hundred dollars for essentially four or five hours of a single night. Not only is the entire fiasco a waste of money, but it is also a night most of us won’t even remember.

Quite frankly, the traditional view on prom is completely destroyed. People come to expect many things. Prom used to be a time for remembrance, and perhaps romance, but none of it is true. I stepped into the stage and heard the typical hip-hop, annoying reggaeton, and rap music I hear from broken cars with the windows rolled down. There is little sense of really trying to think back about the four years and enjoy a few moments with friends. The dinner is composed of food that is terribly prepared and nothing better than something one would expect out of Outback Steakhouse.

I also never really understood the point of jumping up and down. Apparently, this is the way of dancing nowadays, and nothing classy was really ever shown. The entire dance floor was made of people either grinding, which is quite repulsive, or odd hand-waving motions while jumping. The picture taking is also ridiculous. With over a few hundred people attending prom, how is it possible to take pictures of all these people and expect every attendee to return to the dance floor in less than 30 minutes?

The futility of prom is simple: it is nothing more than a few hours worth of partying one can get by going to a club. What’s the difference? People are wearing formal clothing. The essence and importance of prom is extremely undermined by modern intervention. Clearly, the continuation of such a practice will be┬ádetrimental to the future generations, as they will expect nothing more than listening to auto-toned music and reused beats.

Prom also expects things out of us. Going without a date does not need like a bad idea at first – at least until everyone is dancing with someone. We are forced to choose someone or feel lonely. The restraint not only makes prom a lightning rod for activities only couples can do but also a place where absolutely having a date is promoted.

But I am biased. I did not have a good time at prom but I’m sure plenty of other people did. Maybe I just don’t like dancing and I find the entire ideology of contemporary prom disparaging and disheartening. Nothing really has passion anymore.

I am severely disappointed, but what can I expect from America nowadays anyways?


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an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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