Prom – the American tradition, nothing less and nothing more.

Each year, thousands of students are put through the arduous task of preparing for prom. Now, whether this is something that calls for levity and joyful reaction or utter disappointment is quite debatable. Films and pop culture have transformed us and our view of prom. Clearly, in every vapid movie, the guy always has a gorgeous date, and pictures are taken before heading over to the big day. Prom King and Queen are the standalone sparkle of prom, as they should be the center of attention, right?

What people don’t realize is quite simple. Prom is nothing more than a time-built tradition that is essentially overrated. In all honesty, people only go because they might feel dumb once pictures surface on facebook, depicting “laughter” and “joy.” The atmosphere is almost forced upon anyone who attend, because any party could have been through with the some lavishes, just not embedded with the word prom, and it probably wouldn’t receive as much hype. The Prom King and Queen are titles given, simply, to the most popular and sometimes fake people. In order to receive so many votes, a person would have to know all the cliques of the school, and to be honest, if anyone is THAT friendly to ALL those people, there is something extremely wrong, since there is no way a person can get along with twenty separate groups. But it’s fine, because the average student is blind, and will claim that person is “friendly” and “nice,” but have little proof to back it up except “he/she sounds nice.” Welcome Prom King/Queen.

Society has a problem with relationships and prom. Clearly, everyone is expected to have a date, but what’s wrong with not having one? There are plenty of good reasons someone does not have a date and their privacy should be respected. If there is anything positive about prom, at least it’s a time to have fun – with adult supervision of course.

Call me a party pooper. As a matter of fact, call me a hypocrite for deciding to attend prom. I am as much a secondhander as Peter Keating in this fact. I don’t want to be left out, and that goes for everyone else. In the end, the majority of people go because “everyone else is.” Without the longevity of such a reverent tradition in American culture, prom would be nothing more than another chance to say good-bye.


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an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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