We seem to be bound. Everyday, we live in the tight constraints of having to do mononym tasks. We wake up, brush our yellowed teeth, and drink the “Cup of Joe.” We head to work, or school, and do our daily activities. At around five of six, we are back where we started – at home. The routine turns to dinner, and finally the closing of an arduous day.

Why are we so bound by tradition? It honestly makes no sense because we should be able to lead a slightly different life every day. Instead of drinking coffee, perhaps tea would be a better substitute. Instead of taking the gas-guzzling grandeur car, we can try public transportation. But the problem is, we never receive signs to tell us to do things differently. We abide by the simplistic rituals because, well, it’s simple. We don’t have to think about our actions, and eventually it becomes, more or less, a vapid routine.

Our society is surrounded by tradition. Although some might have changed over the course of history, many still exist. Men, for example, are expected exemplify chivalry. The love aspect of the community also expects men to approach women, not the other way around. The American dream also holds a place in everyone’s minds. We want that four-story house, and we envy the people who have it. Even the slightest deviation from a clear-cut plan seems ludicrous.

That’s the problem with tradition. We aren’t allowed to break it. Only the most bold and daring of people bother opposing the norm, and, quite frankly, that’s quite rare. The people who want to change things are looked upon as odd and weird when doing something in other methods. Thus, the chance for change constantly passes us.

In the end, we’re all left with the same traditions, passed on from generation to generation.


About khong91493

an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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