This is not a love poem

This is not a love poem.

Because if it were, I’d be talking about your eyes

The ones, deep blue, I melt in, I say good bye

A pair warm and beadle in enticing, why?

With hair black like gold, a wave of silk

A voice that calms, like a night’s warm milk

Smoothly putting my eyes behind quilts

But this is not a love poem

Remember, if it were, you’d see this

I’d write and write, until I got a kiss

For that’s one thing that’d put me in bliss

Maybe I’d come up and say hello

Hoping you’d see me as a good fellow

You’d give me a hi back, all so mellow

I wish this were a love poem

Cause hidden deep and dark, these words in veil

Regardless of what set sails

Would burst out to speak what entails

See, I wouldn’t have to speak in morse code

And maybe, better yet, do what I was told

To say hello, one day down the road.


About khong91493

an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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