Justin Bieber

Why does he receive so much hate?

The amount of disgusting comments Justin Bieber gets everyday is ridiculous. America disparages, and for no good reason, bombard this seventeen year-old with superfluous remarks. Although he has garnered a huge fan base, mostly consisting of girls, the amount of people who hate him grows with every passing day. Obstinate Americans have ripped Bieber throughout his fantastic career. As an obvious testimony to how many people dislike him, YouTube videos are a great way to show the amount of haters he has. 

Justin Bieber’s song, Baby, has almost 500 million views on YouTube – all earned in a little more than a year. Now, out of around 1.5 million people have rated the video, only 500,00 “liked” his music, while another million clicked “dislike.” This is extremely uncommon, especially for music. As a general tradition, likes always surpass the amount of dislikes.

Are these dislikes justified? Clearly, no. A comment, recently posted by a silly YouTube user, claimed that “Justin Bieber is a puppet of satan, his music is 100% demonic, stay away from him and his music for your own good.” (Written by “BelieveandtrustJesus.”) How is his music demonic? Is there any part of the song’s lyrics that promotes satanism or suggest that he dislikes Christians? All I here is a song about love – which is quite common nowadays; I assume every song about love is a product of lucifer?

People stubbornly say that Bieber should not be singing about love because he is way too young and obviously has not experienced “love.” This makes utterly no sense to me. Although he is young, I’m sure many “adults” and teenagers have thought they were in a mystical trance, known as love, one part in their lives. These feelings might not have been completely true, but the thought is undeniable. Sixteen and seventeen year-olds cannot sing about love, yet, 200 years ago, girls were pregnant by this age. Besides, the feeling of love is a universal language – one that should be expressed by anyone who wants.

Then, people rage at his voice – which, apparently, sounds like a girl, and is way too high for his age. For people like that, I have one thing to say: Jackson Five. No one hated Michael Jackson, when he was young, like they hate Bieber.

The real reason for the hate is simple, and quite obvious. Society is jealous. All the haters out there are jealous of his quick success, and the only way to seek, in a way, vengeance, is to hide behind a computer and hit him with spiteful comments. Unfortunate? Yes, but unstoppable. The widespread idea that the songs Eminem and Lil Wayne make are utter brilliant make people like this. They don’t want to hear about loving a girl the right way; instead, they rather hear about drugs, prostitutes, and taking advantage of women. Not exactly my way of thinking, but that’s fine if the silly ninnies of the world hate on Justin Bieber for all the wrong reasons.


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an avid, yet not typical, teenager.
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