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How to do well in high school, and prepare yourself for college

Disclaimer: This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; by no means am I outright advocating these tactics. Only an idiot would follow this, and if he can’t sense the sarcasm, he shouldn’t be reading this. High school is where … Continue reading

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We are not in complete control of our lives.

People love to tell us a lot of things that make us seem like life is a game of choice. I agree; decisions in life are present everyday, whether it’s eating a sandwich of having Boston Market. But, quite frankly, … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber

Why does he receive so much hate? The amount of disgusting comments Justin Bieber gets everyday is ridiculous. America disparages, and for no good reason, bombard this seventeen year-old with superfluous remarks. Although he has garnered a huge fan base, … Continue reading

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